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ExtremeCool is name of the best home maintenance services Dubai when it comes to cooling, heating, water tank cleaning, Heater repair, villa painting services, AC supply & installation, 24 hour AC repair, and every kind of handyman services because we have been providing these services in Dubai for more than ten years and have a 100% client satisfaction record.

Whether you require these handyman services Dubai for your home, office, or any other location, all you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll be at your service right away.

Our dependable and experienced team of experts has everything under control, from  24 hour AC repair to AC supply & installation,water tank cleaning, Heater repair, villa painting services, water heater installation to leak repair, and plumbing to home appliance maintenance.

What we offer

Services without limits

We have the best industry experts, making us the most reliable services providers in town to satisfy customers at will.

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Cooling Services

ExtremeCool is the Number 1 Ac repair and maintenance company in Dubai because we have a team of professionals offering these services for over a decade. We have skilled technicians to handle 24 hour AC repair, AC supply & installation, AC duct cleaning Dubai, and so on. We also have market-competitive rates to ensure that clients do not have to break the bank to hire us.

Our AC technicians are licensed and have years of experience under their belts when it comes to Premium AC maintenance Dubai, which means that your property will be dealt with in the most ingenious way possible to satisfy you by all means.

It doesn’t matter whether you need our 24 hour AC repair or AC supply & installation services in Dubaii for commercial or residential purposes, all you need to do is contact us, and we’ll be at your service before you even know about it. Moreover, you can also count on us for all kinds of AC sales and purchases.

1. AC Installation
2. AC Maintenance
3. AC Sale & Purchase
4. Duct Cleaning
5. AC Gas TopUp
6. HVAC Services

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Heating Services

From water heater installation to water heater maintenance and Water Heater repair, ExtremeCool has got everything under control as we are one of the best electrical companies in Dubai. It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic you are; it will not be safe for you to start dealing with the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating systems. All these areas require an extreme level of expertise and precision, and this is where our heating and home maintenance services Dubai will make your life hassle-free.

We have a team of dedicated technicians who are pros regarding water heater maintenance and repair services and heater installation. As we have been offering our heating services all over Dubai for more than 10 years, we assure you round the clock availability.

So, if you are looking forward to having the services of a company that can satisfy you in every imaginable way possible, ExtremeCool can be your go-to company for water heater installation, water heater maintenance, water heater leakage repair, etc.

1. Water Heater Installation
2. Water Heater Maintenance
3. Water Heater Leakage Repair

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Handyman Services

Our professional handyman and home maintenance services dubai are second to none because we are capable of providing a plumber for your water heater fixture, an electrician to help you deal with 24 hour AC repair and possible electricity crisis, a painter for house, home, commercial buildings, and villa painting services, and tons of other types of 2/7 emergency handyman services in Dubai.

All the team members who are working with us for plumbing services Dubai, ceiling repairs, house, home, commercial buildings, and villa painting services, home appliance installation, home appliance maintenance, and other tasks have a client satisfaction rate of 100%. You’ll only need to contact us, and we will assign a person who is an artist for his job so that your issue can be taken care of.

ExtremeCool’s handyman services are incredibly affordable, as we are not in this industry just to make money, but our vision is to bring value to our clients and help them make their lives better so they can concentrate on their daily chores with ease.

1. Plumbing
2. Ceiling
3. Electric
4. Painter
5. Home Appliances Installation
6. Home Appliances Maintenance

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Availability of Services

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Solving things
beyond expectations

As we have experts on our team, we can solve any problems before they become a concern for you. Get in touch with ExtremeCool if you need air conditioning installation, gas heater repair, or handyman services.

We are here to make our customers feel at ease with our premium cooling, heating, & handyman services.


Words From Our Clients

My hubby is abroad and I work. I needed a plumber. ExtremeCool lived up to my colleague's recommendation. After I called them, an expert fixed my plumbing issue really fast.

Sarah Housewife

It was hard to find handyman services, especially in Dubai, but now that I've found ExtremeCool, I'll stick with them because their prices are lower and they do their work on time.

David Ricks Store Manager

My air conditioner needed repair. I had every intention of getting rid of it, but then I called ExtremeCool, and they quickly fixed it. I strongly recommend them to everyone around.

William Business Owner

We needed a painter real fast. A friend told me that ExtremeCool has some of the best painters. I reached out to them and they sent me a person who done the work brilliantly.

Sheikh Ali Property Advisor

My AC unit was in poor condition. I contacted ExtremeCool, and they restored it very quickly. I endorse this business to anyone in need of repair and maintenance services.

Udit Sharma Law Expert
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